Monday, August 30, 2010

Go to breakfast

Last night I was thinking about what I should make for breakfast this morning. I almost made overnight oats, but I didn't really want to mess with it. Then after pondering oatmeal, pancakes, or cereal it came to me. Why couldn't I warm up one of the applesauce raisin bars. It's everything a bowl of oats has in it, and that's where today's idea was born, and boy was it a good idea.

After warming up one bar for 30 sec. I topped it with some sunflower nut butter, sliced banana, and a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut. I then warmed the whole thing up for another 10 min. This was such a good simple breakfast. I paired it with my usual egg whites for a well rounded meal. I'm thinking about freezing the rest of the bars and saving them for a go to breakfast, It was just that good.

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