Food Rules 2

Here's some more tips:

Eat your colors.  Having a mix of different colors of fruit and veggies gives your body different nutrients.  The more mix of colors the better.

If you have the space, buy a freezer.  This is both healthy and cost saving.  Freezing fruits and veggies during their peak season, lets you eat more of a variety of foods throughout the year.

Pay more for your food.  This means skipping cheap un healthy foods and spending a few cents or dollars more and buying healthy food for your body.  Make the sacrifice for your health.

Buy smaller plates and glasses.  This is one of my favorite's.  Last time we bought new dishes I was shocked at the size of the dinner plate's.  It was the size of a party tray.  We instead bought salad plates and use those as dinner plate's, and we also use appetizer plates.  The bigger the plate the bigger the servings are going to be on the plate.

Eat your biggest meal in the morning.  I always have a bigger breakfast and a light lunch and dinner with a small snack or two.

Cook.  I think it's so important to prepare your own food, and be able to control what goes into your food.  When you cook you decide the ingredients, along with the fat, salt, and sugar.