Shopping for healthy food

This is just a typical list of what I get for groceries, it changes slightly week to week based on what we need and on what I'm making that week.

green leaf lettuce mix with frisee, radicchio, and carrots
shredded carrots
whole wheat tandoori naan bread
Greek nonfat blueberry yogurt in single servings
whole wheat flatbread
low fat cottage cheese
sun dried tomato chicken sausage and sweet basil pesto smoked chicken and turkey sausage
lite mild cheddar string cheese (they were out of the regular low fat string cheese I usually get)
fire roasted tomato salsa
canned garbanzo beans
canned white kidney beans and canned red kidney beans
(I never have good luck with dry beans, I know it would be cheaper)
smooth and creamy classic hummus
light garlic and herb laughing cow cheese
jar of roasted red pepper and artichoke tapenade
package frozen chicken enchiladas (backup lunch for Jeff)
turkey kielbasa
cliff and Lara bars
canned diced fire roasted tomatoes with green chile's
can of albacore tuna
can of tomato paste
pear sauce (same as applesauce, but pear)
peanut butter granola bars
low fat granola with almonds
TLC original 7 grain crackers

I usually got to the produce stand or farmers market for fruits and veggies.