Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Workout question for the group

I wanted to ask everyone what is your favorite exercise and your least favorite.

My favorite exercise would be a squat, because it works so many muscles and you can feel it in the booty every time. The body never gets used to a squat.

My least favorite is pushups, they are so fantastic for the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but they hurt so much and are always so hard.

My favorite cardio is the spinning bike of course, and my least favorite is the treadmill. It's perfect for some people, but for me it's too slow and makes me go crazy. I don't like walking or running on one of those things, I feel like I could do that same thing outside and enjoy it a whole lot more.


  1. i love the spinning bike and the treadmill, but i hate the Elliptical. it is just not a natural motion for my body.
    i like doing squat and presses i know its a amazing work out since my legs start sceaming and after 10 my arms are shaking.
    i havent figured out what else i dont like yet.

  2. I love a good shoulder press, it's even better with dumbbells.

    And Hopefully there's more things you like, than dislike anyways.