Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome to spring

We've finally had two day's in a row of nice sunny weather. Perfect for getting outside and reuniting with nature.
I picked up some herbs to be planted in a patio pot today. Some basil, cilantro, lemon thyme (one of my favorites), and dill. I'm also planning on planting some veggies too. But I'm waiting until it warms up just slightly. We've had a couple really cold nights lately.
This evening I went on a bike ride and then came home to enjoy a bowl of Julie's organic chocolate frozen yogurt. Topped with fresh organic strawberries, it was perfect.

Tonight's bike ride was my first since moving to my new neighborhood and my first ride in about 3 months. Man my legs were feeling it, but it was so fun. I forgot how much I liked my bike. I'm definitely going to be doing more biking in the upcoming months.


  1. It's strawberries looking great. I love its. In this springs would be crucial for me for achieve some goals and keep physical fit.

  2. Spring is the best season. It is my favorite season. IN this season we can make our health. In it we can get green vegetable more and fresh. So from we we can get more vitamins and nutrients.