Sunday, March 27, 2011

The world's best hot cereal

I've been wanting to share the most delicious hot cereal combination that I stumbled upon.
In the mix:
1/4 cup Bob's spice n nice hot cereal
2 TB. Bob's muesli
water and splash almond milk
2 TB. unsweetened applesauce
dash cinnamon and sea salt
mix together and cook on low stirring often.

It creates the most creamy texture combination. And the stirred in unsweetened applesauce brings a nice natural sweetness to the whole thing.
Topped simply with Tj's almond flax nut butter and Bob's super finely shredded unsweetened coconut.

I may have eaten this combo for breakfast everyday for the last week. It is so addicting between the texture and the natural sweetness. I just can't get enough.


  1. nice blog. i came across it while searching for healthy living tips.
    would love to revisit

  2. Really this is looking awesome food. It must be sweet. I do not like sweet anymore. But I am interested to taste this food. This recipe also looking best.

  3. Sounds really delicious. I like cereal but I have not taste it too many time. It looks good and easy recipe. I'll be tried.

  4. Yeah, it s best. Its sounds really lovable. I would like to add more coconut because I love it. It must be a very healthy cereal.