Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tea of choice

I have an obsession with tea. I prefer tea over coffee anytime. It's refreshing, full of antioxidants, and always how I start my day. Usually my day includes 2 or 3 cups of green or white tea and ends with a cup or two of herbal tea.

My current obsession is The Republic of Tea. Its a little expensive but you get 50 tea bags. So in the end it's actually very reasonable.
Some of my favorite herbal tea's include Celestial seasonings. I love the variety pack because you can sample several different ones.
I've also been enjoying Tazo's Organic apple red, it tastes like caramel apple!!!!!
On Sunday morning's I love getting fancy and using my tea pot for some loose leaf tea's. Teavana is definitely my favorite.


  1. A hot cup of tea with honey sounds so good right now. I have a scratchy throat. :(

  2. Thanks for all the good tea information. I drink green tea everyday. I buy organic just because I think if it's something you have on a daily basis it's not a bad idea.

  3. kiwi pear! I want some....

  4. Mmm... you made me crave a cup! I go through "kicks" with tea and will drink it every day, usually 2-3 times and then not have it at all. One of my favorites is a good black tea with a little milk and sweetener. I love green teas as well, Earl Grey and Sleepytime are two of my other favorites.