Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinner date for three

The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. But there was a very brisk breeze and it was pretty cold out. But I seized the opportunity and went for a run in my new neighborhood. I ran about 5 miles cruising through the the prestigious Reed college, which is an arts liberal school and past the golf course and swanky older homes. It was a good run overall, but I was freezing when I got home and since I haven't ran in a few months due to the weather I could really feel it in my legs afterwords. After taking a hot shower and enjoying a mug of herbal tea I was much better.

I had a dinner date with a very special guy.
(I'm also really in need of a haircut and some highlighting)

I joined these two for dinner at a restaurant in my new neighborhood. My best friend Michelle and her son Henry are down from Seattle Washington visiting for the week and helping me celebrate my birthday week. Unfortunately the restaurant was very dark so no pictures were taken. But we had a great Mexican meal at Cha cha cha, a restaurant that has come highly recommended by locals. The food was cheap, tasty, and fresh.

We had originally planned on walking to the restaurant but it was just too cold out and it was getting dark. I can't wait until summer to walk to all the neighborhood restaurants, pubs, frozen yogurt, and gelato places, yum. I was telling Michelle tonight with all the places I want to go to and try, I'm going to have to moderate myself and walk to the places to balance out all the good eats.

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