Monday, January 31, 2011

Home workout

I was too sleepy this morning to get up super early and workout. So I slept in a little later and planned my workout for after work.

I worked out at home in my workout room. I love the workout room in my new house because of the nice hardwood floors. It's kinda like the aerobic class room at the gym.
Align Center
I also choose this room for working out because of the french doors and all the natural light. It's very bright and airy in this room, perfect for working out.

Dinner was simple and delicious. I re heated some turkey chili from Saturday's family get together. I paired it with a fantastic salad and baked blue corn chips, along with some lime Food should taste good chips.

In the salad mix was mixed greens, spinach, dried cranberries, hummus, and Organic valley reduced fat white cheddar cheese.


  1. That looks awesome. Everything, the meal, the room, the floors, the light. Love, love, love!!

  2. I see pictures now. It must be some setting on my computer. I didn't change anything, but your last post clicked in with pictures. I hope they stay. I miss your great photography.