Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All about TJ

It was actually sunny today, I wasn't planning on that. I had planned to go to the gym after work today. When the sun came out I debated going for a bike ride or a run instead of the gym. The problem was I really needed to go to Trader Joe's and it's only a few miles from the gym. So due to the need for hummus, feta, and Greek yogurt among other things the gym won.

The gym is in the finishing stages right now of it's remodel, which means it's a TOTAL DISASTER. But they completed the third floor which is all cardio and all windows with lots of light, love it.

I did a major upper body workout really focusing on each muscle group and working it to max. I then headed to the new third floor for 40 min. on the stairs and 40 min. of watching General hospital.

I cooked up some whole wheat fettuccine and topped it with some Tj's marinara sauce along with some basil chicken sausage. I didn't wanna mess with making a salad so I added some carrots to the sauce and some red peppers on the side that I mixed in at the end. That way they would keep there crunch.

Topped off with a little feta, oh how I have missed thee.

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  1. I LOVE feta. The problem is I love it so much I just want to eat it straight out of the carton.