Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coconut bliss

Coconut black tea infused oatmeal
In one cup of hot water steep 2 tsp. coconut black tea for 4 min.
In a pot mix 1/4 cup oats and 2 TB. oat bran
add tea to pot and cook for 5-10 min.
Some milk would have been good in this also.

It was bright and early this morning. So these pictures don't do this creation the justice it deserves. But trust me it was amazing.

Topped with
unsweetened coconut
coconut butter
a few slices of banana
drizzle of raw white honey

It was like coconut bliss, so delicious. Tea infused oats adds so much flavor, you could also experiment with different teas.


  1. I wonder if you could do something similar with apple juice?

  2. I have thought about spiced apple cider. I actually was going to get some the other day to try, but I forgot.

  3. Spiced apple cider sounds really yummy. Gee, the ideas are endless. And here I am putting plain old water in it, what was I thinking?

  4. Apple cider with a little cinnamon and raisins. Yummy.

  5. I just found your blog. Your creativity with oatmeal is awsome.