Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So embarrassing

I went to the gym where I started with a circuit of upper body resistance training followed by 25 min. on the spinning bike. I then went back for my second circuit working one exercise each for chest/shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I finished with 20 min. on the stairs.

This workout was NOT an easy workout. When I went to do the second circuit I was tired and my muscles were burning. I pushed through and finished strong.

Okay so I wanted to make whole wheat tortilla's to go with dinner tonight. I searched all over the Internet and came up with a recipe. Everything seemed to be going good and they seemed pretty easy to make.

We'll look how they turned out, that's just embarrassing. That doesn't look like any tortilla I have ever seen, or tasted, yuck. Needless to say I pitched it into the trees like a flying disk for the deer to enjoy later.

I improvised on the tortilla's and toasted up a whole wheat flatbread that I cut into wedges. To go along with the flatbread was some Whole Foods refried pinto beans, not the best refried beans I have ever had. Along with some hot chicken sausage, reduced fat cheddar cheese, salsa, Greek yogurt, and some mixed greens.

It was pretty tasty and the wedges made for some nice dipping and scooping.


  1. Every good cook has a few that just don't work.

  2. I need more then a rolling pin. They were sticky and tasteless.

  3. I wish I had a backyard with deer to toss out my mishaps! :) Better luck next time!