Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking chances

It was getting darker and darker in the sky this afternoon. But I decided to take my chances and jump on my bike and hit the road. I rode for about 10 or more miles, I did my 8 mile running loop plus a whole lot more. I saw parts of my neighborhood I never knew existed. I saw a school, park, winery, and the start to the river that runs but our house, all of which I had never seen before.

I went up so many hills it my legs tired and I was breathing so fast. It's definitely a great workout. I could feel it in my upper body, and especially my abs and legs.

While out riding it started to sprinkle a few times but then would stop, so I continued on my ride.

Once upon arriving home and about 20 min. later the sky unloaded a sea of rain. I got very lucky, and I'm glad I wasn't out in the rain. That would have made for a very uncomfortable ride and a whole lotta chaffing going on.

I needed to use up some stale Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread. I also had those croutons on my mind from the other night. So I decided to make some more tonight to top my salad.

You know that saying that if your broiling something in the oven and you start to smell it, that's not a good sign and it's probably already burnt. Well I set the timer but it must have been too long. I started to smell the croutons toasting and my first thought was, they are burnt, and they were.

I was able to scavenge just a few to put on my salad, the others I tossed. For dinner I made a pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, a can of salmon, and some roasted tomatoes. I added the juice of half of a lemon, some herbs, a few dollops of Tj's red pepper and artichoke tapanade, along with some Parmesan cheese.

The tomatoes I roasted in the oven didn't really hold there flavor in this dish, but at least I got some lycopene I guess.

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