Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Better luck next time

It's so dark and rainy today. I have the candles going, I enjoyed a cup of Tazo organic apple red herbal tea, and did some baking. Yup it's September and fall time for sure.

I baked a double batch of the applesauce raisin bars. I made two substitutions, one was I used half pear sauce since I didn't have enough of the applesauce. Second substitution was I used half raisins and half cranberries.

Do you ever have the problem of doubling a recipe and it just doesn't turn out exactly like it's supposed to? Well I followed the recipe exactly and they came out a smidge to moist. I even baked them an extra 10 min. I'm hoping after a day they will lose some of the moisture, as baked food tends to dry out. They are still really good, they just have sticky bottoms.

For dinner I cooked some chicken tenders in the crock pot for 2hrs. In the crock pot along with the tenders was 1 can tomato paste, some seasonings, and 1 cup water.

In a baking dish I layered some whole wheat flat bread with, black beans, half of the chicken that I shredded, some salsa, reduced fat cheddar cheese, and a sauce made of salsa and Organic Valley low fat sour cream mixed together.

Unfortunately it came out a bit watery which kinda ruined it all. I might not have drained the beans enough, or it could be the salsa, not really sure. Better luck next time. My cooking mojo has been a little on the rocks lately.


  1. yeap doubling recipes always confuses me because i dont understand how the same amount of each ingredient, only doubled, can make the recipe turn out so much different!! i guess its the added volume.. kind of like when u put 2 plates in the takes so much longer than 1 plate of food...

    mmmmmmm raisin bars!! uve got me so excited for fall food!! raisin spice <3

  2. ps. at least dinner wasent a disaster.. a little extra water isnt too bad, especially when it LOOKS SO YUMMY!!! :D
    quite cheeezy too :P

  3. Drinking tea and baking while its dark and rainy outside? OMG I am so jealous. That sounds so amazing.