Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashionable workout

I almost bailed on going to the gym today and going for a run instead. It was just so sunny and pretty outside, the weather was calling for me. But I wanted to wear my new workout clothes and if I went for a run no one would see me and I wouldn't get to admire myself in the mirror while working out. So I headed to the gym and did an upper body workout and spent plenty of time enjoying my new clothes, I looked good let's just say. I also did some cardio, 15 min. on the spin bike at the beginning and 30 min. on the stairs at the end. I headed to Whole foods after wards to get lunch and a few groceries.

I picked up a small salad with all kinds of good stuff.

To be paired with some brown rice sushi with, tuna and avocado. I haven't had sushi in forever and they make one of the best sushi's. I love that they have brown rice sushi.

I forgot to get chopsticks and I heard once that you aren't supposed to use metal with sushi. So I used a plastic fork to dunk my sushi in a light soy sauce with wasabi mix.

I also made a mocktail for some refreshment. I used berry mineral water mixed with about an inch of Pom wonderful juice.

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  1. I love your blog!

    There's no better reward than admiring yourself in the mirror at the gym, especially when new clothes are involved. Hopefully the weather will still be gorgeous for you tomorrow. I miss Portland (lived there for 10+ years). They say it's supposed to be glorious in Seattle. I hope it is because I have new shoes that I want to break in.

    Thanks for your posts!