Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Water water

My workout was so hard today. First we did some killer leg exercises in dancers workout. I promise to show you them in the next couple weeks. Then in kickboxing we did several different rounds. Daniel our instructor likes to have us work really hard, which I love. We did a mix of rounds 32, 34, 40, and 41. It made my body work harder trying to keep up with the changing routine, I loved it. In between each round we did interval training/plyometrics. We did various jogging in place exercises and jump squats.

After class I showered and ran some errands. My first stop was Great Harvest.

I picked up a raspberry non fat whole wheat muffin. At this location they make the muffins super size. This will be at least two servings.

I wanted to get a loaf of honey whole wheat but they were out of sliced loafs and I needed it sliced. They were running sparse on bread this morning. ????? So I picked up some sweet wheat n oat.

Love it, it's so good. It would be perfect for french toast or a baked dessert that calls for bread. It's also perfect for sandwich's.

I have been enjoying some sparkling water while I get things done this afternoon, lots to do. Project stay cool and healthy is still going on and as part of it, here are some stats on how much water the average person should drink and why it is important.

The human body is made up of 60% water. Your body needs water to keep you hydrated, delivery nutrients to the body, help with organ function, and to help with muscle repair after exercising.

The average person needs 9 8-ounce glasses of water a day. I keep water with me at all times. I feel like you have to think about it constantly and always remind your self to drink water. If you have a daily goal of how much water you have to drink, and at what times in the day you should be at a certain number, that will help you meet your goal.

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  1. Great Harvest ROCKS!! My favorite bread company to pick a loaf up from once a month or so. :)