Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ever since we went to Vegas Jeff has been wanting to recreate the Mojito we had there. Today was the day that he begun practicing for our mojito barbecue that we are having later this summer.

We picked up some local rum.

And he begin to create his drink. It was pretty good I had a few sips and since I rarely drank that was enough for me. My recommendation was more lime and not as sweet.

Since early this morning I had some beans cooking away in the crock pot. I was attempting to make baked beans. I soaked some dried black, red, and white kidney beans last night. I added the beans to the pot along with garlic, salt, pepper, dried mustard, and oregano. I also added some Tj's barbecue sauce, diced green onion, regular onion, salsa, honey, and water. I basically just guessed and used what I had.

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