Wednesday, July 14, 2010

100% is confusing

I've been so busy today plugging away on my to-do list. So this afternoon after I left Trader Joe's I sent Jeff a text message telling him that I had picked up some chicken, and that he was 100% in charge of making dinner tonight. I told him what the side dishes would be, they were leftovers basically, and he was to decide how to season or marinate the chicken along with cooking it.

When he got home he saw that nothing had been done with the chicken and his question to me was why haven't you marinated the chicken? What, I guess for a man saying you are 100% in charge of dinner just wasn't clear enough.

Well he seasoned the chicken and started barbecuing.

The chicken was served with leftover baked beans and cantaloupe along with a few blueberries. I'm just realizing that I missed including a veggie, how did that happen?

I also ate a ton of peperoncini's and a pickle. We ate a whole jar of peperoncini's in one week, and now I'm satisfied for a while.


  1. hahahhahahahhahaha. Ohhhh men. Well the outcome is gorgeous! Glad the meal came together :)

  2. At least the final product was something good to eat.