Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The return of Charlie

After work I went to the gym to get some heavy resistance training in. I did some upper body resistance training and then hit the stairs for 40 min. of HIT training. I really pushed myself because my body and my mind were in a battle and really wanted to give up. I pushed through and did some serious intervals. I may have pushed a little to hard, because I felt a little heat stroked afterwards. I was completely read faced and soaked even more then usual.

The sound of the tuna made this guy come running.

He had to make sure he got his little piece of tuna.

While fixing dinner I sipped on a glass of herbal peach ice tea, I'm still working on re hydrating.


  1. Your cat is adorable girl! And I love the list of things you want to accomplish this summer. All are completely reasonable! :)

  2. Thanks I love my cat, he's like my child. My list is coming along pretty well and I have completed two things and have serious plans for the others.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your workout- always a good feeling. Haha- love that your cat came running. Frank runs into the kitchen every time he hears me pull out the lunch meat to make Josh's work sandwiches

  4. Animals are so funny. He's also a big fan of cheesy crackers (which we haven't bought in years so he's very sad about that) and he used to love fruit but not so much anymore.

  5. Hmmm... I now have an unnatural desire for a pink can opener in my life. Also, my cat ALWAYS comes running when I open a can. It's sad when I'm just opening up a can of beans though, I can feel his disappointment.