Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I see blue sky

It's Wednesday and for me that's one of my favorite days because I get to do my favorite workout, dancers workout and turbo kickboxing. But before that I need to have a hearty breakfast so I have lots of energy for another intense class.

1/4 cup Bob's oat bran
2 TB. Bob's apple cinnamon hot cereal
1/4 cup water
mix together
topped with

a few slices of banana
drizzle of raw honey
and a baby scoop of Tj's peanut and flax butter

Topped with some Tj's low fat almond granola and a splash of soymilk, the oats were
looking a little thick.

It looks like it might be a nice day today. We have had so much rain here and haven't really had a summer, so we need a few nice days. I have lot of running around today after the gym. Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow to go camping for 4 days with my family. I will be giving you updates along the trip with lots of tips on eating healthy and staying active while vacationing/camping.

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