Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kitchen is closed

I was a busy bee today. I worked most of the day and then in the afternoon I stopped at a friends birthday party for a bit. When I got home I attacked some much needed gardening. Next thing I knew it was dinner time and I knew I was taking the night off from cooking. So Jeff and I headed to one of our favorite spots, Pastini.

We dinner alfresco on the patio and started our meal with an appetizer of the grilled wheat levena bread with an eggplant spread and a fresh tomato brushetta spread. I enjoyed two small pieces.

I had my usual chicken artichoke salad with the dressing on the side and skipped the bread.

Jeff got the roasted lamb pasta in a marinara sauce.

Afterwards we spent the evening running some errands. It was a gorgeous night with the most perfect evening weather. Now it's home and relaxing with a little tv watching, while our neighbors have a huge high school graduation party. Complete with catering a dj, and 60 high school kids, should be a long night.


  1. YUM the food all looks incredible!

  2. Yummy looking dinner! :) Eep..sounds like a wild party..hope you guys got some sleep lol

  3. The party was hopping with strob lights and everything, but it wasn't too loud and we slept right through it.