Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baking machine

I made four test batch's today and learned a lot from each one, like using less salt. I'm mostly just working on texture and taste right now, and saving the flavors for after I get my recipe perfect.

Test #1 was chocolate chocolate chip granola

Test #2 was plain, I was testing using puffed brown rice and the proportion to oats.

Test # 3 was raisin, as far as texture this was my best batch. I just need to adjust the salt and baking time, it was a little too toasty.

Test #4 was peanut butter and almond granola. I need to use more pb and put in some roasted peanuts.

Overall the recipe is coming along really well. I am still making my list of those who would like to be tasters. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. I should be getting my certified commercial kitchen license soon and have my recipe ready for testing also very soon.

If anyone else is interested in being a taster and hasn't contacted me. You can email me at

Thank you for everyone's help, support, and encouragement.

Any favorite granola flavor combination's you think I should try?

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  1. I've been out of town for a few days. Coming home to your chocolate chip granola would be great!