Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday workout

After I finished baking I went for an 8 mile run. I was worried I might get rained on, the sky was dark and there was a little mist in the air. But the rain held off and I had a nice run, complete with a lot of thinking going on about life. Running is a time where I get to just zone out, run, and think about a lot of things. I come back with a lot of clarity afterwards. That's probably my favorite part of running, it's the only form of exercise were I don't have to think about what I'm doing, at least not as much.

After my 8 miles, some stretching, and some weed pulling that caught my eye while I was stretching, I can cross that off my list for today. Usually the weekends are my rest days, but I'm leaving after work Thursday to go camping. So that means I'm only working out today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I might go for a run while I'm camping but I would rather get my workouts done now, and not have to be committed to working out while vacationing. That way if I do go for a run it will be for fun and a bonus workout, versus an obligation or chore.

When I got home I had some leftover chili from the other night with some added arugula from my herb garden. Gotta get some leafy greens in my lunch.

What form of exercise makes you feel the most energized afterwords?


  1. Man, I baked all day and then I was proud of myself for just running 1 mile. You put me to shame with your 8! Ps that's a pretty pic of you!

  2. Oh thanks, I felt pretty good about my running outfit. I'm working on my goal of completing a half marathon this summer. So I need to get my butt moving.