Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to properly fuel a workout

I was up early this morning and accomplished so much.
But I think I ate breakfast too early and too far from my workout.
When I got to the gym my tummy started growling. By the time dancers workout was over I knew I had to have a snack or I would never make it through kickboxing, much less have a good workout. I ran to the front desk to buy something and was surrounded my artificial and chemical laden products. I was able to find the only natural thing they had, this KIND bar. I love KIND bars but this one was not the best. I ate a quarter of the bar as I ran back to class. It was enough to die down the hunger and give me the strength to go on.

Note to self, eat 1 1/2hrs. before my workout, and stick to scrambled egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal. It keeps me full and satisfied. I don't think the pancakes were as satisfying and filling, even though they had the same amount of nutrients and calories.

After class I showered and then had this sandwich for lunch. I thought ahead and packed a lunch. I had a busy day and wanted to get right to my errands. It was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat naan bread with laughing cow cheese, zucchini, and carrots.

I also had a few of these santa fe salsa somersaults that I was sent to try. They are so good. Looking at this flavor the ingredient list is a little long. But their other flavors are more simple in the ingredient department.


  1. You would think a gym would have good, healthy food. You should give them some advice on healthy alternatives.

  2. That sandwich looks outstanding!