Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big pot of everything

It's Stormin Norman here today. I decided a big pot of soup would be perfect for dinner. I combined a bunch of things from the fridge and pantry to use.

This was a take on minestrone soup.
Tj's red pepper and tomato soup
whole wheat curly and orzo shaped pasta
red pepper and artichoke tapenade (needed to be used)
pesto (only a few tsp. left in the jar)
can diced tomatoes
frozen spinach
Tj's red pepper chicken sausage
I think that covers everything

Served with some salsa and low fat baked blue corn chips (they were going stale).
Jeff and I are sharing this plate, it's not all for me.

I'm trying to use up stuff before we leave on our trip next week so nothing goes to waste. Now I'm just waiting for it to cool down so I can eat it. The soup is so hot!

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