Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home sweet home

We're home!!!

We got back late last night around 10:30pm. Out bff's/neighbors picked us up, I'm so grateful for them, thanks for the ride.

Thomas was excited to welcome us back and kept us up all night, are just me Jeff says he never heard him. Thomas was meowing up a storm last night and wasn't content with anything.

After three days of oatmeal in a cup every morning in our room, I was ready for something different. So I made a batch of protein pancakes for Jeff and I.

Pancake pan problems.
I was having a terrible time with the pan. It just wouldn't cooperate. The first batch burnt and the second batch was sticking to the pan. It may not look pretty but it tasted good. I also mixed in some blueberries and some dark chocolate chips.
I gave Jeff the messy one.

I took the burnt one, which didn't taste very burnt so it was okay.

We are still on vacation until Tuesday thanks to the holiday weekend. Today I need to un pack, do laundry, clean house, get groceries, and have a leisurely day. Since I worked out 4 days last week and will work out 5 days this week, I'm enjoying today off from working out. I thought about going for a run, but I already got my workouts in so I'm going to enjoy the rest day. Tomorrow I plan on having a really good butt kicking workout after my nice break from not working out.

We also walked about 10+ miles everyday, so my feet are tired.

Healthy traveling tips coming up later.

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  1. Sometimes pancakes can be a challenge! The important thing is that they tasted good!

    There is always so much work to catch up on after being gone.

    I allow myself a rest day from exercise every week too!