Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crappy food

Up until yesterday we had really good food, we enjoyed every place we ate. Yesterday that all changed.

First for lunch we ate at a cafe restaurant at the Venetion. I got this salad which was really healthy and a huge portion, I only ate half. But it was maybe a little too healthy if you know what I mean, It was a little blah. It had white beans, lentils, cucumbers, and albacore tuna. It was a big pile of blah.

Jeff had a Reuben and he said it was okay, not the best one he's had and way too messy.

For dinner we thought we would eat at the airport to kill some time and because we didn't want to eat on the strip anymore. Big mistake, the Portland Oregon airport where I live has a ton of nice restaurants at the airport, the Las Vegas one doesn't. We ended up at the only restaurant, the California pizza kitchen, which didn't represent the pizza kitchen well at all. It had a limited not so healthy menu and it was a blah menu at that. I got a salad, even though a salad was not what I wanted, but getting something healthy was limited. I got it without cheese, dressing on the side, and took the tortilla chips off. I'm not opposed to eating unhealthy food sometimes, but it's gotta be something that is worth the calories and delicious. A treat if you know what I mean, not out of desperation.

Jeff got a turkey sandwich and a side salad. Both salads were just a pile of iceberg lettuce which has no nutrient value. This was also our most expensive meal except for our sushi dinner (which was worth the cost).

I told Jeff that this makes us appreciate my home cooking, and that he gets 5 star meals prepared by me every night. He said I'm executive chef Stacey.

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  1. Yes,you're very spoiled by Portland's airport. It's really hard to get a good healthy meal at any airport. About the best you can possibly hope for is a Subway's.