Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dinner ready and waiting

Sorry I have been MIA today. I was at a paint ball course all afternoon today, doing some team building with my work (Starbucks).

Since I got home late Jeff made dinner and it was waiting on the table when I got home. He never cooks and it's a big production when he does, but he did very well tonight.

We had whole wheat orzo pasta with organic spaghetti sauce (I'm not sure what kind it was, it was some organic spaghetti sauce that Jeff picked up a few weeks ago, on a super sale that he was really proud of and wanted to try out. He added some Tj's basil chicken sausage, some chunks of zucchini, and a little white cheddar cheese grated on top. He also made a salad on the side. Overall he did a good job, he just used too much sauce, it was so saucy.

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