Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new fitness adventure

The other day I laced up my shoes and tried out a new fitness activity.

I tried out barre 3 which is a combo of ballet, yoga, and pilates, with a LOT of stretching thrown in. I wanted to try it because I have been really missing my Wednesday dancers workout class. The instructor has been on maternity leave and there is no other class at my gym similar to that class. Basically Danielle was the only one who taught it. My legs and abs have REALLY been missing the intense deep muscle conditioning. I thought barre 3 would be along the same lines as dancers workout and worth trying.

It was way too slow paced for me with too much stretching throughout the class and not enough time working the muscles. I have a new member 3 time trial membership. So I have two more times to try it out. But I did enjoy trying something new.


  1. Some of my friends swear by Barre 3 but I myself haven'tr tried it yet. I like trying new things too so I'm gonna keep my eye out for a Groupon or something like that so I can try it ;)

  2. Barre 3. Sounds nice. But I never tried it. I thinking about going there. I would like to join class at there. Hope I get some workouts.