Monday, February 14, 2011

The perfect breakfast

Happy Valentines Day!
While at New Seasons grocery store the other day they were demoing these heart shaped pancakes. They were so cute and the fact that you could make mini pancakes and egg's sold me. So I bought the mold and used it for Valentines morning.

I made mini heart shaped Kodiak cakes. It's really hard to use the mold and it's also hard to get the cooking time right. But they do look really cute.

And just to test it out I made a heart shaped egg. The egg was actually easier then the pancakes.

Have a great day and enjoy some chocolate.


  1. Stacey this IS SO BEAUTIFUL! i adore the little chocolate dipped strawberries on the side as an added touch too :P :P


  2. What a great looking breakfast.

    Be My Valentine!

    Love you