Thursday, February 10, 2011

Someone special

I've begun my Valentines day preparations. I do think that Valentines day is a marketing holiday. Geared to sell flowers, cards, balloons, and candy. But it's also a good reminder to do something special for those you care about.

I made chocolate dipped apricots with a few dipped in coconut for a little tropical flavor.
Just beautiful isn't it. I made these beauties for my employees. Everyone I work with is very healthy minded and some also have special nutritional needs, such as gluten free. So I thought these would make a nice treat. It's a far cry from your typical high calorie office treats.

For those other special people in my life I made a batch of mini cookies following one of
Jenna's recipes, as seen here. I added raisins to mine and omitted the nuts and cranberries. I made mine mini because I love mini things, perfectly portioned and oh so cute.

Packaged up, ready to give out, and a great way to say to someone you think they are special.

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