Monday, February 28, 2011

A start to a great meal

I think it's time for a new computer, my sanity is worth the price. It just seems like endless problems with this laptop. I think the problem is it's not made for full time blogging and part time recipe searching. So I guess this weekend I will look and maybe purchase a new computer, it must be done. I'm NOT looking forward to shelling out the money. But I'm done going crazy and there's far better things I could be doing with my time. Liking making more things with oats and chocolate chips.
All good meals start with a nice salad in my opinion. I love filling up on a good salad filled with lots of different flavors. It's a good nutritional bang for your buck and is also very satisfying. You can never eat too much leafy greens.
Tonight's included mixed greens, dried cherries, crumbled Parmesan, sliced almonds, hummus, and Annie's red pepper vinaigrette. Along with a few flax seed tortilla chips.
And when you combine it with a nice warm bowl of leftover hummus soup topped with feta, you just can't go wrong in my opinion. I added a little extra fresh squezed lemon juice, pepper, and some sun dried tomatoes which really helped bump the flavor up.
This was a perfect meal on the windiest and rainiest day I have seen in a while. It was cold and nasty today. That's why my evening's going to be spent curled up with Thomas (the cat), a blanket, and hot cup of herbal tea.
Have a great evening.


  1. Nothing better than a good soup on a cold rainy day.

  2. I'm gonna give that hummus soup a try. Sounds good.

  3. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Hey Stacey,
    Here is the link for the refurbished macs I was telling you about:

    Happy computer shopping!