Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kitchen projects

I picked up a "mini" Cuisinart chopper the other day. I put it to use today making some projects I have been thinking about.
First I made some crumble toppings for oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles. I had originally been attempting to make peanut butter and coconut butter. But I think that I need a bigger chopper with a different blade. I pulsed it for a long time and even added some liquid but it still wouldn't come together into a paste.
Oh well the crumbles look delicious also.
Align CenterI finally made it to the local library today . I picked up a library card and checked out a few books. The library was kinda a let down. Not a lot of books and they were all very out dated. I picked up a book on eating "real food", a farm to table cookbook, and another cookbook about eating what's in season.

Thomas was also very interested in checking these books out.

UPDATE:  After reviewing some other blogs on making your own nut butter, it sounds like I didn't let it blend long enough.  They say it takes about 7-10min.  I know I didn't do it more than 5 min.  Round two coming up soon with some almonds.

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