Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Change of plans

There was a change of plans this morning, the usual instructor for dancers workout and kickboxing had to take an early maternity leave per doctors orders. So today there was a schedule change at the gym. When I arrived for 30 min. of dancers workout (a mix of pilates and ballet) I found out it was changed to bodypump for 1 hour and then kickboxing for an hour. I buckled down followed instruction and took the class. I had never taken bodypump before and man it was hard, seriously hard. I lift weights all the time and I'm constantly changing my routines and trying new things. Bodypump was simple in the exercise's but the sets and reps were so long that it makes your muscles burn and quiver. After two hours of very intense classes my muscles were noodles and I've been hurting ever since. But I'll be back, it's the new schedule until May when the regular instructor returns.

This afternoon I got my baking on. I made healthy peanut butter balls, and did a little too much snacking while baking.

So dinner was light and simple. I had a blurry salad of leftovers.

And a cup of peach herbal tea to end the night.

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