Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too much of a good thing

I'm so cold this morning. I feel like my body forgot what winter's like. I just can't seem to get warm the last few days.

I have been sipping on tea all morning and that seems to really help. Tea is always my go to drink, especially in the winter.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much. I made pumpkin Kodiak cakes this morning. But I used the last of the pumpkin puree which was too much for the pancake mix. The pancakes were un able to cook all the way through. After cranking up the heat on the burner and trying and trying to get them to cook, I realized it just wasn't going to happen.

I saved the biggest one and made a regular Kodiak cake to put under it. Now I can work with the different textures. The regular Kodiak was topped with a pumpkin Kodiak that had dried sour cherries and coconut in the mix. Topped off with almond flax nut butter, drizzle of pure maple syrup, some granola, and a few slices of banana. Served with scrambled egg whites.

The pancake save actually worked and it all came together to make a pretty good pancake.

I'm heading to the gym soon and then doing a lot of running around. My weekends and my life have become very busy lately. Lot's to do and so little time.


  1. your breakfast looks yummy and packed full of protein, that should help with all the running around. I hear ya about always being cold, last winter I was in my last trimester and always hot lol I miss those days now! have a great weekend!

  2. Snow is in the forecast, dress warm, and keep eating those hearty winter meals!

  3. I still say, what happened to summer? It went so quick.