Saturday, November 6, 2010


Oh my this has been a day filled with a lot of delicious eats and snacking. First off after work I went to the gym and did a full body resistance workout. Man the gym is busy on Saturday's at noon. I usually rest and relax on the weekends. But with a crazy schedule and lots of appointments lately means working out on the weekends sometimes. But overall I had a very enjoyable workout.

After showering and looking oh so cute I headed out to run some errands along with some fun activities.

First stop was Great Harvest because I was in the area and on Saturday's they have my favorite muffin. It's a whole wheat non fat apple muffin and it's chocked full of apples. They must have changed the recipe, it wasn't as good as it has been in the past.

While driving I noticed some balloons, lots of people, and a sign that said "grand opening, free 5 0z. of frozen yogurt". I quickly pulled over and got a little taste. I wasn't hungry after enjoying my muffin, but you don't pass up free frozen yogurt. I have to say this wasn't very good. I got pumpkin, which was too spicy, and cake batter mixed with dark chocolate. Topped with a smidge of coconut and a few mini m+m's.

This picture is deceiving, it looks like WAY more then it actually was.

Dinner was late due to all the snacking. By the time I thought about dinner the sun was gone and it was only 6pm. I guess that's fall/winter for ya. I had a very random dinner of an omelet, some lime food should taste good chips, and a suckle pear.

I have some cookies in the oven right now. I had an urge to bake and eat healthy cookies. I also thought it was a good chance to finally put to use the peanut flour I picked up at Tj's a long time ago.

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