Sunday, November 7, 2010

A relaxing morning

I accomplished one thing this morning, sleeping in, with a little help from daylight savings. Although pancakes were the original plan for this morning they just didn't sound like what I wanted, that's rare. I felt more like having eggs. I made an egg white wrap in a whole wheat flat bread with some laughing cow herb cheese, a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese, a little dill, and some ketchup.

Paired with half of a honey crisp apple with cinnamon and almond flax nut butter for dipping. Honey crisp apples are by far the BEST apples.

The rain seems to have stopped this morning so there might be a bike ride in my immediate future. So far it's been a very relaxing morning, which is most needed.

1 comment:

  1. Today is a perfect day for a bike ride. You never know how many of those we'll get this year. El Nino, or is it La Nino, one of those Nino's is here this year. It will be a very rainy winter.