Saturday, October 9, 2010

B+B and now D

It's a dinner party for three. This morning we were watching a cooking marathon of Lidia's Italy. We were all drooling over a recipe that she was making for a chicken and rice dish, similar in cooking style to risotto.

It's a wet stormy day here so we thought it would be the perfect thing to make for dinner. After making our shopping list we headed to the grocery store for our ingredients.

I have been having a photography tutorial from John, Michelle's husband. He just got a fancy camera and I'm in the market for a camera upgrade. So I had some fun testing out the camera and learning some new skills.

We were unable to find the original recipe for the dish that we saw on the show this morning. So we winged it using the same ingredients, but making it a little more healthy.

The chefs were busy cooking away as I got to relax with a glass of white wine. We've now turned into the B+B+D, bed, breakfast, and now dinner.

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  1. How fun. Cooking shows provide such inspiration. Even better when it inspires someone to cook for you ;)