Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Class kicked my butt today. I was melting all over the place by the time it was over. Breakfast held me over really well and gave me tons of energy to work really hard. After showering I headed to Tj's to pick up some groceries. While on the road I had a snack to tide me over so I could come home and make lunch.

I have been out of Tj's hummus for the past two weeks. I love all of the different Tj's hummus and was really missing it. I picked up some regular hummus from Whole Foods last week, but it was too thick and didn't have much flavor.

Today's lunch was my own take on a Great Harvest sandwich. In the oven under the broiler I toasted some Great Harvest honey whole wheat with turkey, hummus, and feta. Once the sammie was toasted I added some lettuce, pickles, peppercini's, and sliced cucumbers.

The sandwich didn't really toast evenly and warmed up hummus is not very good, it gets kinda pasty. I did enjoy the veggies and pickles.


  1. Hooray for a kick butt class! So jealous that you live close to a TJs! My MIL ships me all my requests (thankfully) but it means I can't get anything cold and their hummus ROCKS! Hope the rest of your day has been wonderful

  2. TJ's hummus is amazing, love them all! Your sandwich looks sooo good!!