Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mini pizza

I've been planning this dinner for days now, and each night plans seem to change and I never get the chance to make these mini pizza's.

The other day while at Bob's red mill I saw the most delicious fluffy 10 grain buns. I knew I wanted some and would put them to good use, other then as traditional hamburger buns.

I cut two buns in half and topped each half with my own pizza sauce made form one can tomato paste, garlic, and basil. Each bun was also topped with grated carrot and zucchini. Important tip when grating zucchini, you must give it a squeeze to get out any excess water. Each pizza was finished with some Applegate farms spinach feta chicken sausage, Organic Valley reduced Monterrey jack cheese, and basil.

I baked them in the oven for 10 min. at 350 degrees.

These were yummy, and really quick to make. I enjoyed one half and it was plenty. I probably should have added a small salad or fruit as a side.

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  1. I like your different ideas for pizza crust. It opens up alot of possibilities, and controls the portion size.