Monday, September 27, 2010

Local and fresh

This morning I used some of the local products that I purchased yesterday to make the most delicious oatmeal.
In the mix (for two servings)
1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup Bob's spice n nice hot cereal
1.5 cups hot water
splash almond milk
dash salt and cinnamon
mix together
cook in a pot for 5-10min.
1/4 of a diced white peach stirred in at the end

I used a handful of the delicious blueberries I picked up. They are a little soft so I think I'm going to have to freeze most of them. The tip for storing blueberries in a paper towel lined bowl is one of the best tips. I use it all the time and berries stay fresh for a week or two.

Topped with some of the last reminders of summer.

I also topped my oats with this unprocessed pure white honey. I'm not sure what the difference between this unprocessed honey and raw honey is, or even if there is a difference. It was one of the best honeys I have EVER tried. It was was pure, delicate, but strong in flavor, almost like a high grade honey.


  1. It's great to buy local. Even the local bees were supported.

  2. That honey looks delicious! You should try a brand called "Really Raw Honey", they sell it at Whole foods and it's like, life-changing good. It hasn't been heated, so it's the consistency of butter or frosting, not runny at all.

  3. Thank goodness that blueberries freeze so well so we can enjoy them all year.

  4. That honey looks really good. I don't use near enough honey, and sure not enough local honey.

  5. I noticed that in your picture of the fruit trees you could see the bee hive in the field. Now that's local!

  6. Unprocessed honey means you may as well have the hive sitting on the kitchen table and just scoop right out of it.


  7. Honey bees are so nice, it would just be better if their cousins the yellow jackets could be as nice. They're terrible this time of year.

  8. Scooping it straight from the hive is sampling really raw honey which is amazing to eat and for all manner of health conditions. Organic honey can only be true if it is made by honey bees who have collected their nectar within a 5 mile radius away from any form of pollution! Funny isn't it that so many are fooled into thinking if "Organic" is stamped/labled on their food then it must be good!