Friday, August 20, 2010

Night in

We have lots of activities planned for this weekend, including a few meals out. So we decided to eat at home tonight and keep it simple by having leftover soup from last night.

I started with a glass of iced herbal peach tea.

For dinner I had a bowl of leftover soup and a slice of toasted Great Harvest honey whole wheat. With a smear of organic valley whipped butter and a drizzle of raw honey. I don't usually use or buy butter, but I needed some for baking. I think I picked up the wrong thing because this butter is whipped, but not creamy, it's a brick. I have to melt it just to use it. It does have less fat then butter so maybe that has something to do with it.

Maybe I should have got Earth balance butter? I was looking for an organic butter that wasn't full of un healthy oils and any other weird stuff. Oh well I'm going to use it up, I just have to melt it first.

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