Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new addition

I enjoyed my breakfast this morning on the deck with Jeff, in my new bowl from Michelle. This bowl was the perfect size and shape, I must get more.

I decided to make a parfait this morning mainly for the protein. But half way through I wished that I had made oats instead. This breakfast didn't really hit the spot. But that's okay it provided a good source of nutrients.

In the mix:
Non fat plain Greek yogurt
warmed up mixed berries
drizzle of raw honey
Kashi harvest whole wheat biscuits
Barbara's bakery cinnamon oat puffs (the last of them, so sad)
Yogi walnut spice granola
drizzle of coconut butter
almond butter

Jeff and I both have a free day today, so we are planning on laying low and doing something casual and fun today. I think we are also going to one of the local brewery's for lunch.

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