Monday, August 9, 2010

Baked bean soup

I have been craving a nice big, crispy, fresh, full of veggies salad. I put every salad veggie I had in the house into this bowl. I started with some chopped up romaine lettuce and added some carrots, cucumber, celery, and yellow bell pepper.

Yes this is the worlds biggest salad for one person. I may have made too much salad for two people, but I wanted to use up the lettuce before it got wilty.

I tossed the salad in Drew's roasted tomato dressing and grated some fresh Parmesan cheese on top, along with some homemade croutons.

The croutons were made with Great Harvest whole grain goodness bread tossed with some oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic. I broiled them in the oven for 3 min.

This morning I through some ingredients in the crock pot before work. That way I would have a nice easy dinner when I got home.

Baked bean tomato soup
2 cups dry beans (I used black, white, and red kidney beans)
soaked in a bowl full of water over night

In the crock pot I added the drained beans
1 box Tj's roasted red pepper and tomato soup
1 can tomato paste
diced onion
2 cups chicken stock
basil, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and thyme
cook on low for 11 hrs.
at the end I added some diced TJ's basil chicken sausage
1/2 cup Grandma Conga's salsa-q
diced yellow bell pepper
cook on high for 45 min.

This soup was supposed to be an Italian tomato bean soup. But instead it thickened and turned into a chili. It was a cross between baked beans and chili. Jeff and I both really liked it. I loved that it was similar to baked beans but in a soup. I would definitely suggest this one.

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