Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday breakfast

I've had this box of muffin mix sitting in our pantry since the last big family camping trip last month. We ended up not making it while we were there and it's been calling my name ever since. I decided a Sunday family breakfast (Jeff and I) was the perfect time to try this mix.

I followed the directions with a few alterations. It called for 3 TB. sugar, I used evaporated cane juice. It called for 4 tsp oil and I used coconut butter, which unfortunately clumped up when it got cold but the burst of coconut was delicious. It called for milk and I used soymilk. I also added 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries to the dried blueberries in it.

These muffins were amazing, so soft and hearty from the whole wheat, I highly recommend these.

Served with some very fresh cantaloupe, we are backed up on cantaloupe at our house right now so we will be eating plenty of it in the next week.

I enjoyed some cantaloupe, a muffin, and an omelet along with some apricot white tea. Jeff and I ate our breakfast out on the deck and it was a beautiful morning. We should do Sunday's breakfast more often.


  1. YUM! What a meal. The muffins look like they turned out perfect. And I can't get enough cantaloupe right now. Glad y'all enjoyed a great Sunday breakfast- my favorite meal of the week

  2. You are putting me in a definite muffin mood! And that breakfast looks so good, I love sunday morning breakfasts. They are always exceptionally good (: