Saturday, July 10, 2010

I roasted thin slices of organic sweet potatoes (from my produce delivery I just received Thursday) in the oven.

I have found that I really like the thin slices versus chunks.

Jeff and I shared a honey terryaki salmon skewer from Whole Foods.

We were supposed to have Dover sole from Whole Foods for the main course. I have never had it before. I seasoned it and put a few lemon slices on top and put it on the bbq. It cooked for about 30 plus minutes. I kept checking on it but it was mushy and didn't seem cooked. It also created it's own liquid, overall it looked un appetizing and because it just wouldn't cook Jeff and I thought it was safer just to get ride of it.

I usually only cook Salmon and anytime I venture out and try a new fish it ends badly. The only save to this dinner was the salad and sweet potatoes.

Anyone have any tips for cooking different fishes?