Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full day ahead

After I got home I did the usual chores such as un packing, cleaning house, and doing laundry. Once I was done it was time for a run. It's going to be 92 degrees today and it was already 80 degrees when I set out.

I went for an easy 5 mile run. It was a little hard with it warming up, but I pushed through it.

After I got home I showered and then made lunch.

I had a 3 egg omelet on a raisin and cinnamon Ezekiel English muffin. Topped with half a slice of Havarti light cheese. The savory sweet combo was really good and would be perfect for an on the go breakfast.

I also had some carrots and I was going to have some cherries but I was just too full. I'm saving the cherries for a snack later.

My egg separating skills weren't up to par today. A little bit of yoke got in.

And to rehydrate I had a glass of herbal peach iced tea.

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