Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July fun run

For lunch I had a small bowl of Whole Foods vegetable soup from the soup bar, I picked this up when I was shopping last night. I also had a slice of Great Harvest nine grain bread with a smear of red pepper hummus and Diestel brand turkey. I waited an hour for lunch to settle and then it was time to get ready for a run.

I went on a 4th of July 5 mile fun run. After some stretching I set out for a 5 mile run with speed drills on the 2.5 mile return trip. After I finished my run I did some abs and then stretched.

It's time to get ready to go to a 4th of July BBQ and have some fun with friends.


  1. What is diestal turkey?

    That cat was just trying to say happy 4th of July. Then it runs from the coyotes

  2. Looks like you had some great weather for your run! Hope the BBQ was fun.