Sunday, June 13, 2010


This morning I helped my mom plant our co-op vegetable garden. Co-op meaning between the two of us we are sharing the crop. We planted zucchini, lots of various tomatoes, lemon cucumber, lettuce, and beans. Planting your own organic veggies is cheaper, local, and fresher, it's a win win. After I got finished planting, which took no time at all I decided to plant my usual yearly herb gardens.

I stopped at my local family owned plant store Kordell's. They have a great variety and are the nicest and most helpful people. Kordell the owner always seems to be the one helping me. Today he helped me pick out some herbs and potting soil.

I got dill, arugula, mint, and oregano

Along with cilantro, lemon thyme, and basil

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  1. It's really late to put a garden in, but it's been soooo cold and rainy in Portland they wouldn't grow anyway. I'm sure Stacey will be blogging about our bounty, if there is a bounty.

    Thanks for the help kiddo!