Friday, June 11, 2010

Out of control gym machine

After work I went to the gym with plans to do a butt kicking workout to end my week, and I succeeded. I started with abs and legs and then did some upper body exercises, followed by 30 min. on the stairs of HIT training.

When I got on the step mill which is a machine with big rotating actual stairs. The machine I got on, once I got going would take off at a really fast pace on it's own and then slow down. Then it would do it again. After 3 times of this it was freaking me out so I stopped the machine to get on to another one. The machine was stopped but it kept going. I hit the stop button over and over but it just kept going at a really fast pace. I had to make a decision to jump off in a graceful way to not hurt myself. I bailed, went to the front desk and told the girl and that they might want to unplug it. When she told the maintenance guy he came running in a mad sprint to unplug it, it was funny. I then finished my cardio on another stair machine.

For dinner I put together a mix of leftovers.

Spinach and mixed greens with a sliced red pepper salad.

Topped with leftover nacho bake and some salsa. It was almost like a taco salad. The nacho bake all mixed up isn't the most visually appealing thing, but tasty none the less. And too much, my little belly couldn't eat it all.


  1. I'm glad you landed safe and sound.

  2. Wow that was scary! Love the salad idea.